Preparing every student for tomorrow by nurturing the love of learning today.


Creating a space for students, families, and community members to thrive as they collaborate to learn, to celebrate, and to serve one another.

Core Values

  • Independent thinking and self-reliance through purposeful work
  • Inclusivity in our community and a sense of belonging for all
  • Compassion for others and the environment around us
  • A vision for peace through social change

Oak Hill Montessori Community School (OHMCS) is proud to be a different point-of-view in education; driven by the motivation of students. We present challenging academics while valuing social skills as much as mathematical skills.

Located in Shoreview, MN, OHMCS offers authentic Montessori education through the Junior High level. A student’s entire learning experience is enriched by opportunities to explore art and music, workout the body during recess/physical education as well as through exploring nearly seven acres of a beautiful and safe campus.

Utilizing Montessori principles, teachers often work in small groups, or one-on-one with children, providing an individualized approach to each student’s growth. The mixed age classrooms provide numerous advantages not found in traditionally structured classrooms. Older children serve as leaders while younger students are shown what is expected of them by their role models.

Our responsive and caring faculty inspire students to become independent and passionate learners. Each teacher is empowered to create opportunities of discovery, observation, and reflection for their students. All lead teachers are licensed teachers who have completed their AMI* Certification in addition to a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Our facility and its grounds were specifically designed as a Montessori learning environment to meet the developmental needs of students and inspire them every step of the way both in the classroom, and during free play.

We are excited to welcome families to Oak Hill Montessori Community School beginning Fall 2021.

*Oak Hill is recognized by and its lead teachers are certified by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the original organization created by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1929.

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