Prospective new students must submit enrollment applications by the Open Enrollment deadline to be considered for the following school year. The specific dates for the ’22-’23 school year Open Enrollment window have yet to be determined by the school’s Board of Directors. These dates will be added to this page when finalized.

If more applications are received during the open enrollment period than available openings in any grade, a public lottery for the openings in those grades must be held. You can learn more about the lottery process on the Lottery Procedure page.

In the event that there are remaining spaces in any grade level, Enrollment applications received after the deadline will result in admission to Oak Hill Montessori Community School on a first-received, first-enrolled basis.  In the event that a grade level is filled to capacity at the time of the lottery, wait lists will be generated and maintained based on the date and time individual applications were received.

Upon admission, Oak Hill Montessori Community School may require additional information about enrolling students including information on special education needs, health care summaries, family background, and family routines and habits.

Regarding Kindergarten Enrollment:

Prospective students entering kindergarten must be five years of age on, or before, September 1st of any given school year to be eligible for kindergarten.

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