OHMCS Equity and Anti-Bias, Anti-Racist (ABAR) Commitment Statement  

Oak Hill Montessori Community School is committed to the following actions: 

To Integrate: age-appropriate anti-bias, anti-racist education at all levels of our school.

  • Some examples include: 
    • Use of gender-neutral and pronoun inclusive language.
    • A welcoming and open approach to student dialogue about ABAR topics.
    • Thoughtful selection of texts and resources used in classrooms, with focus placed on centering people of the global majority. 
    • Ensuring that students’ cultural food requirements are honored.

To Communicate: equity and inclusion practices to families through classroom emails, community gatherings, parent education events, and resources made available. 

  • Some examples include:
    • Inclusion of personal pronouns in staff email signatures, use of correct pronouns in students and family member communication. 
    • Sharing texts and resources used with families through weekly classroom emails, including how ABAR work is integrated in the classroom. 
    • Communication of local community events and activities that promote and include ABAR learning, and reflects an inclusive view of the Shoreview and Twin Cities populations.  

To Prioritize: Anti-Bias Anti-Racist Professional Development and training for staff. We are working currently to set initiatives for ABAR goals that can be worked toward consistently. 

  • Some examples include:
    • Annual ABAR book discussion group among OHMCS staff since 2020.
    • ABAR-focused Professional Development selections offered to staff.
    • Current drafting of specific ABAR goals that include consistent reflection and progress monitoring.

To Apply: a lens of equity and inclusion to strengthen all programs, policies, and practices including recruitment of families and staff members of the global majority.

  • Some examples include: 
    • Reflection and review of school ABAR practices and existing policies.
    • Policies and procedures that emphasize respect, integrity, and inclusion, with a focus on community building.
    • Presentation of food served in a neutral manner.

We recognize that the above statement of our school’s Equity and ABAR commitment requires consistent effort and reflection as a staff and faculty. While such a statement is important for communication of our school values, the commitment to the work itself is most vital to our entire learning community.


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