The COVID Parent Handbook Addendum (version 2.1) can be found here

Thank you for your patience as we continue navigating new obstacles during the school year.  We are doing our best to stay current with the updated information from public health officials and, in turn, deliver that data to our families. 

Although school looks different than it has in past years, we are confident in the measures put in place to keep our students and staff safe.

For the 2021-22 school year, all students in the Children’s House – Junior High levels will be required to wear masks while inside the building.

Useful Resources

MN Dept. of Health Letter to Schools — November 15th, 2021

MN Dept. of Health COVID-19 & Schools FAQ

4-Step Home Health Assessment

Find a Testing Location

MN Dept. of Health Decision Tree

CDC Families & Children’s Page

Minnesota Children’s Cabinet – Resources for Children & Families

Mental Health Tips and Resources for Children and Parents During COVID-19

This situation continues to be fluid and will be evolving as new guidance becomes available in the weeks and months to come. There is no way any person can think of every question, let alone every answer. As we receive questions or public comment from our families, this area will continue to act as a living document, providing new responses as they become available.

To make a public comment or to send a question, please email the school’s admin account.

COVID Commonly Asked Questions

Are masks required for all students?

Students in the Children’s House – 8th Grade levels, along with all staff, are required to wear masks while inside the building. Students in the Toddler Community do not have a mask requirement.

Will classrooms of students and staff be mixed for before/after care?

Yes. Students will have before/after care with their levels, not specific classroom placements.

Will there be Art and Music?

Yes, specialists will continue to work with students this year.

How will you decide when/if to move to online learning?

We will continue monitoring state guidelines to advise us if moving elementary through junior high students online is required due to circumstances beyond our control.

Will students still be doing different shoes for inside and outside?

Yes. We will continue having students change their shoes.

Should students bring water bottles each day and refill as needed?

We encourage parents to send a water bottle with their child(ren) each day.

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