Oak Hill Montessori Community School’s Board of Directors guides the long-term viability of the school through the creation and implementation of a strategic direction. The Board also oversees the school’s adherence to its mission, vision, and values.

Our Board members abide by a Code of Conduct to obey their duties of loyalty to the school and obedience in complying with applicable laws and regulations. Board Member bios can be found here.

Board Officers

Lillyan Hoyos, Chair

Matt Howell, Treasurer

Juli Rubin, Secretary

Board Members

Advisors to the Board

Erin Doan, OHMCS Executive Director

2021-22 Annual Report

OHMCS’ 2021-22 Annual Report can be found here.

Board Policy Manual

To view the OHMCS Board Policy Manual, please follow this link.

Meeting Dates

OHMCS Board Meetings are being held virtually. If you would like to have access to the meeting please send an email to Board Secretary, Juli Rubin. The meeting link and agenda will be shared three days prior to the meeting.

Next meeting: Monday, June 26th, 2023

Future meetings (all scheduled for 7:00pm):


SY 2022-23 Agendas & Minutes

May 22, 2023 Meeting Agenda

May 15, 2023 Facilities Committee Meeting Agenda

May 1, 2023 Special Session Board Meeting Agenda

April 24, 2023 Meeting Agenda

April 11th, 2023 Facilities Committee Meeting Agenda

March 27, 2023 Meeting Agenda

February 27 2023 Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2023 Meeting Agenda

January 23, 2023 Special Session Meeting Minutes

January 30, 2023 Meeting Agenda

January 23, 2023 Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2023 Meeting Agenda

December 21, 2022 Meeting Minutes

December 21, 2022 Meeting Agenda

November 21, 2022 Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2022 Meeting Agenda

October 24, 2022 Meeting Minutes

October 24, 2022 Meeting Agenda

October 2, 2022 Working Session Minutes

September 26, 2022 Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2022 Meeting Agenda

August 29, 2022 Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2022 Meeting Agenda

July 25, 2022 Meeting Minutes

July 25, 2022 Meeting Agenda


Click here to access agendas/minutes from previous school years

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