Special Education Services

This page is designed as a resource for staff members, parents and community members interested in special education information.

A range of special education services are provided to students from Kindergarten through Grade 8 who have had an identified disability. Our team considers referrals, provides an assessment and then works with parents to develop an individualized education plan (IEP) to meet the needs of the student.  State of Minnesota and Federal Funds are utilized in support of special education programs.

Early childhood special education services are provided in partnership with your student’s resident district, or in partnership with the Mounds View Public Schools. Should you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s development, or wish to learn more about evaluation options, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher. You may also contact Help Me Grow.

Help Me Grow provides resources for families to understand developmental milestones and learn if there are concerns. This helps families take the lead in seeking additional support or referring their child for a comprehensive, confidential screening or evaluation at no cost. Minnesota’s Help Me Grow is an interagency initiative of the State of Minnesota Department of Education, Department of Health and Department of Human Services.

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

A SEAC (pronounced “seek”) is an acronym for Special Education Advisory Council, which is a group that provides input on special education issues to its local school district. Its purpose is to advise and advocate, not to decide policy. Minnesota law requires each school district in the state to have a SEAC although it does not specify how the groups should be organized or what duties they should perform.
SEAC meetings are posted on the calendar and announced in the weekly newsletter as they are scheduled each year.

Total Special Education System (TSES)

Required by MN Rule 3525.1100, the TSES stands for Total Special Education System. This document is a written copy of the district’s plan for providing instruction and related services for all pupils. Oak Hill’s TSES document is located here. The TSES document was most recently updated in December of 2022.

Restrictive Procedures Plan

Oak Hill’s Restrictive Procedures Plan can be located here. This plan was most recently updated winter of 2023.


Deana Siekmann — Special Education Director

Emma Carlson — Lead Special Education Teacher

Hannah Lundstrom — Administrative Specialist

Erika Sixl — Licensed School Nurse

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