Tuition Assistance

The Montessori classroom is better for everyone when it is at capacity, and our Tuition Assistance Program makes Oak Hill’s Lower School programs accessible to as many students as possible. This program is geared toward recruiting and retaining devoted families with a demonstrated financial need.


  • All Lower School families are welcome to apply.
  • Final decisions on enrollment are not due until after Tuition Assistance determinations are communicated.
  • Tuition Assistance awards are determined on a yearly basis; re-application is required annually.
  • Up to 40% of tuition costs may be awarded for each school year.

Tuition Assistance Application Process:

  • Oak Hill applicants being considered for tuition assistance should mark the box on their contract notifying the school that an application will be filed. No contractual obligation to the school or the family exists until the tuition assistance awards are determined.
  • Submit Tuition Assistance applications through the screening tool which determines the needs of individual families. For the ’24-’25 school year, Oak Hill will be using a new screening tool. Please follow this link to begin the application process. To be considered in the first round of tuition assistance decisions, the application needs to be submitted by March 8, 2024.
  • After completing the online screening tool, our Tuition Assistance Committee will make award determinations based off the generated report and any special circumstances expressed by families.
  • After receiving a decision from the Tuition Assistance Committee, families are asked to inform Oak Hill of acceptance or refusal of the award within 10 business days.

Please contact us at 651-484-8242 with additional questions about our Tuition Assistance Program.

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