Week 1: Jun. 20-25

Art Extravaganza

Break out your pallets and brushes because we’re making art! This week we will be exploring all the ways we can be creative and make our own masterpieces. From fiber arts to finger painting, we are letting out our inner artists and sharing it with you!

Week 2: Jun. 27 – Jul. 1

Animal Kingdom

It’s time to let out your wild side and explore the Animal Kingdom. This week will be learning about animals through stories, art, play, and more. From the wilds of the jungle to our own backyard we will discover the animals that inhabit our world and walk alongside us.

Week 3: Jul. 6-8


Calling all athletes! We want you to join our elite team as we move our bodies and challenge our minds. We will play games, practice sports, and have some summer fun!

Week 4: Jul. 11-15

This Blue Earth

This week we will be showing love to our home sweet home, Earth! We will be taking out our camping gear and enjoying the great outdoors. From experiments to art to nature walks, we will find many ways to appreciate and care for our world, and truly enjoy the things it offers us.

Week 5: Jul. 18-22

Under the Sea (water week)

Water week is a favorite of summer camp and this year is no different. This week we will get our swimsuits and beat the heat with as many water toys as we can! We will also discover the creatures that inhabit our oceans. Sharks and whales and fish, oh my!

Week 6: Jul. 25-29

Kindness Camp

This week we will be turning our attention to the people we love and our community. We will find ways to appreciate family and friends, care for our environment, and send some love to our neighbors. From picking up trash on our way to the park to making keepsakes for loved ones, we will focus on being kind to others, and ourselves!

Week 7: Aug. 1-5

Now That’s Entertainment

There is nothing better than a good story and this week we will be searching for the best stories and creating our own. We will explore different ways of telling a story, from painting to writing to movies. If you love getting lost in your imagination and entertaining yourself and others, this is the week for you! Action!

Week 8: Aug. 8-12

Build It!

If you like building, constructing, anc creating, this is your week! We will dive into the world of construction and discover all the trucks and materials used to create the world around us. We will build our own creations inside and outside. Let’s build!

Week 9: Aug. 15-19

Spirit Week

As a final send-off to summer, we will be doing a spirit week! Every day will have a different theme that campers are welcome to come in dressed up for the day’s theme, and don’t worry, the teachers will dress up too! Look out for days like pajama day, rainbow day, mix-match day, and more!

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