Week 1: Jun. 19-23

A World of Kindness — Full for Children’s House

This week we will focus on who we are as individuals and how we fit into our community and our world. We will focus on how to be kind to others and help make our world a better place.

Week 2: Jun. 26-30

Art-rageous — Full for Children’s House

We will be getting our hands messy this week as we focus on all things art!

Week 3: Jul. 5-7

Green Thumbs

Planting, gardening and all things soil! Join us to dig, water and help things grow!

Week 4: Jul. 10-14

Skyward — Full for Children’s House

Look up! Birds, planes, rocket ships, planets, stars and more will be discovered as we gaze up to all things that are found in the sky!

Week 5: Jul. 17-21

Under the Sea — Full for Children’s House

Sea life is mysterious and amazing. Join us as we take a deeper look at the creatures in the sea.

Week 6: Jul. 24-28

The show must go on! — Full for Children’s House

The stage is set for performances, dress up, fairy tales and more as we dive into the realm of imagination.

Week 7: Jul. 31 – Aug. 4

Creepy Crawlies — Full for Children’s House

Bugs, lizards, spiders and more. Let’s explore the world of smaller creatures who live alongside us throughout the year.

Week 8: Aug. 7-11

The Northwoods — Full for Children’s House

We will try our hand at camping and nature hikes, as well as focus on MN animals that live in the Northwoods.

Week 9: Aug. 14-18

Bursting with Energy — Full for Children’s House

Let’s end camp with a burst of energy! We’ve saved the best games, sports and summer fun for this last week!

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