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What is a Great Gathering? 

Great Gatherings are small-scale events put on by OHMCS families with the intention of raising money for our school. 

How do they work?

Great Gatherings are ongoing and will happen throughout the year. We count on our community to brainstorm event ideas and host the events. Once you have an idea for an event, fill out the “Great Gatherings” host form. As they become available, events will be advertised on the Great Gatherings Calendar Page and families from the community can sign up to attend.  Events will also be published in the weekly e-newsletter.

When people sign up, all money raised goes directly to our school.

What kind of events work well for a Great Gathering?

There have been a huge range of events that have been successful in the past.  Often families share a personal interest, activity or place that is special to them.  Gatherings don’t need to be expensive or time consuming to plan.  Events can be for children, families or for parents only. Here are some ideas from previous years: 

  • Backyard Skating, Sledding and S’mores
  • Pizza and Movie Night
  • Beach Swim and BBQ
  • Family Camp Out
  • State Park Outing
  • Cooking Class
  • All School Pancake Breakfast
  • Canoe Day Trip
  • Night Sky Observation
  • Decorate a Gingerbread House

  • Horseback Riding Experience
  • Calligraphy Class
  • Beer Brewing Experience
  • Craps Game Night
  • Children’s Craft Morning
  • Gymnastics Party
  • Bowling 
  • Pottery Class
  • Wine Tasting
  • Needle Felting

Up for hosting but don’t have an idea? Have an idea but aren’t up for hosting?

Want someone to co-host? We can help! Email us!

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